Issue 9, Winter 2016

This carefully crafted issue is brought to you by the letter C …

Chart new territories with Tais Teng's Dieselpunk explorers.
Chart new territories with Tais Teng’s Dieselpunk explorers.
  • Climb up a GMO fairytale of the future, in George McWhirter’s feature story, ‘Stalk.
  • Crawl painfully across the pub floor in the opening novella of contributing editor Mel Anastasiou’s time-travelling mystery series, The Seven Swans.
  • Collapse into the dentist’s chair at your own risk in ‘Aliens in Your Teeth by Matt Andrew.
  • Contemplate the ways of winter in poetry by Ashley-Elizabeth Best and Mary H Auerbach Rykov.
  • Cork your emotions in ‘Space Tears Can Hurt by Greg Walklin.
  • Clasp your drink in ‘Take this Cup’ by contributing editor Susan Pieters.
  • Classify a new species in ‘Hot House Flower’ by Stephanie Charette.
  • Conclude an eternal argument in our graphic story, ‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Anat Rabkin.
  • Congratulate our Hummingbird Prize winners Cristina Crocker Escribano and Jennica Broom for their stories, ‘The Last Neanderthals’ and ‘Dream Home’.
  • Finally, collect your sword in the next instalment of Allaigna’s Song: Overture by our own JM Landels.

Issue 9, Winter 2016


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