Issue 16, Autumn 2017

With Issue 16, we present you with a new collection of stories selected to delight and entertain you through the misty season.  Climb on board cover artist Akem‘s Seabus, and dive deep as …

  • We invite you into feature author kc dyer’s haunted world, with ‘The River’ 
  • ‘The Wind of a Train’ by Erin Kirsh whistles past in a near future we hope not to see.
  • We discover the ghoulish side of gentrification in Brandon Crilly‘s ‘Clearing Out Nests’
  • Greg Brown’s ‘Love’ offers a chance at a last-minute reunion and a glimpse outside the doorway that awaits us all.
  • FJ Bergmann’s ‘For Your Convenience’ delivers to Hades, where technology and mythology combine to make a truly punishing afterlife.
  • Philosophy, family, and the survival of the species unite to take us across the galaxies in ‘Think Tank’ by Susan Pieters.
  • Patrick Bollivar gives us a ghost story that sends a young woman into a deadly descent with ‘The Olde Town Haunt.
  • New chapters of Allaigna’s Song:  Aria by JM Landels take our heroines deeper into peril with an adventure that will please the most daring hearts and minds.
  • Judge Renée Saklikar’s picks for the Magpie Award for Poetry, from Oak Morse, Leah Komar, and Glenn Pape, show us glimpses of three different types of hell.
  • In Mel Anastasiou’s Stella Ryman and the Ghost at the End of the Bed, midnight visitors of uncertain provenance and a mysterious theft at Fairmount Manor propel Mrs Stella Ryman into a new and demanding amateur investigation.
  • Rina Piccolo’s cartoon ‘The Vanishing Dot’ enchants us with the perspective of memory and the point where everything disappears.


Issue 16, Autumn 2017