Issue 12 cover by Melissa Mary Duncan

Issue 12, Autumn 2016

In this issue curl up at the feet of Melissa Mary Duncan’s Story Teller, pull the blankets snug about you, and sink into the worlds of story:

  • In keeping with the season, our feature story by Bob Thurber, ‘If You’d Like to Make a Call, Please Hang Up’, is suitably chilling, as is the eerie ‘Night Stylist’ by Peter Norman and ‘Curse of the Woods’ by Bevan Thomas and Eric Johnson.
  • Even our beloved Stella’s mystery is more ominous than usual in Mel Anastasiou’s ‘Stella Ryman and the Man with the Gun’, and JM Landels turns from fantasy to horror with ‘Masquerade’.
  • Filling in the fantasy niche this issue we have Douglas Smith’s high fantasy ‘Last of a Thing’ and Rhea Rose’s modern folk tale ‘The Gamogue’.
  • 'The Story Teller' by Melissa Mary Duncan
    ‘The Story Teller’ by Melissa Mary Duncan

    But it’s not all dark.  We have unlikely matchmaking in ‘Analyze and Discuss’ by Stephen Koster, tongue-in-cheek drama from Sue Pieters in ‘Family AGM’, and a touching marriage of minds with Alexis A Hunter’s ‘Nightshade and Datura’.

  • We also have our Magpie Award–winning poem by Nicola Aimé, and the runners-up by Katie Vautour and Marnie Eldridge.  All this is bookended by another piece by Bob Thurber, this one an excerpt from his brilliant and recently re-released novel, Paperboy.

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