Rowling, Dylan, Bond and Bliss

viellaIt seems to me that living our writing life is has a lot in common with embracing other passions. But how are we using those moments—to worry or enjoy?   It’s natural to think about our passions a lot.

A loving parent can spend his time worrying about his daughter and son, or he can use that time and energy to think up fantastic and memorable ways to spend his hours with them.  This is what David Bond did to create Project Wild Thing and the movie he released last year.

A gifted musician can worry about all the money she’s not making, or she can use that time to play her work to anyone who wants to listen.  This is what Bob Dylan did in Greenwich Village, and when the opportunity to record his first album appeared almost without warning, he sat down in the studio and played the songs straight off.

A writer can spend his time worrying about failure and obscurity, or he can think about his present and upcoming works with excitement and anticipation, planning for the next time his pen will meet paper.  Imagine JK Rowling, single mom on benefits, dreaming up the tapestry of detail and character that would become Harry Potter’s world.

The less time we use up on anxiety, the more time we have to enjoy and inhabit what we love.

How fortunate we writers are.  Although it may sometimes seem that we have little control over our drafting time, we are privileged to have complete control over our dreams, and dominion over the the worlds we create.

Chronicles: Volume 1. Bob Dylan. Simon and Schuster. 2004. 

Project Wild Thing. David Bond.

Harry Potter Series. JK Rowling, probably on your bookshelf already.





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