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“Just a note to say I received the back issues, and I must confess I spent a good half hour just holding them, leafing through them, before starting at Issue One page one.  I much prefer holding a book to reading on line … Thank you for producing a quarterly that is high in quality but varied in content. ”  – Keith, Phoenix AZ, 19 Oct 2014

This isn’t just a hastily-put-together fiction magazine. The print and ebook versions are gorgeous, and it’s evident that a lot of time and attention to detail went into their production, layout, and printing. Even the paper is high quality, and I’m a sucker for those sorts of things …  There are well-written stories (obviously), comics, poetry, illustrations, serials, you name it! In this particular issue, there was a vampire story by Sarah Pinsker that was unbelievably refreshing, touching, and beautiful.” – Alex Ristea, Australia, 30 April 2014

“Last night I was the lucky recipient of one of the first copies of Pulp Literature — a new and exciting collection of short stories, novellas, fiction, poetry — you name it — and I took it home after work with great anticipation.  Should I read it in order? Or perhaps just open the book and let that dictate where I started. The joy of these kinds of collections is that there is no right or wrong way to do it — you just have to dive in and get started!  I was looking forward to acquainting myself with these authors, but I have an uncontrollable tendency to gorge myself when I read — once I get started I can devour a book and then find myself regretting that it is done.  No place to start but the beginning, so I read “Where The Angels Wait” by CC Humphreys.  I was immediately enchanted by the flow of words, the beautiful pictures painted and the emotions evoked by the writing.  The story struck close to my heart — one of loss of a parent to cancer, and  — spoiler alert — emotions unleashed years later along with the oh so close to my reality reference to the eyes (due to my mother’s cancer the only thing that could be donated from her passing was her eyes — and yes they were blue).  No worries about devouring this — I needed to stop, reflect, and truly let this story sink into me for a while — to me the sign of something truly powerful.  I cannot wait to read the rest of the anthology, but I am treasuring the anticipation, and giving myself the gift of time to truly savour each story and let them touch me as deeply as possible. Thank you to JM Landels and friends for putting this together — to all my friends, if you enjoy a good read, then I can highly recommend this even after only one story — go to their website and order this, whether electronically or, like me, in book form.  A subscription is a steal, and would make a great Christmas gift.  Excuse me while I get back to my reading!!”  – Erin Ensor, BC, December 2013

Just got my issue of “Pulp Literature”. It looks incredible! Great, high-quality printing on high-quality paper, nice design, lots of open space. I’m excited to read it!TK, Washington State, January 2014

This is a new magazine with a lot of energy behind it. And inside it. But it is fully professional in every way.  The contents will delight you and challenge you. I was excited to find some authors I had never read before. And the art work is just as intriguing.
The cover art of the Beer Fairy is worth the price by itself. – Judith, BC, January 2014

This series of reads is most awesome! Great for my train commute and I adore the illustrations – so fresh! – Denise Murphy, March 2014

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  1. I write what I call Border Pulp. Action adventure with a repertory cast of characters that takes place on the Mexican/American Border. The latest is a 24 thousand word novella that is just coming out on Kindle. Of course I’m trying to promote it and was wondering if you do reviews? I could send it to you as a gift if you were interested. The cover is interesting, I do my own. Spent thirty years working as an art director working in the United States, Europe and Australia.
    Your covers look good. Best, Wally Runnels

    1. Glad you like our covers Wally. We don’t do reviews but your genre sounds fascinating and we’d be happy to see a submission when our next reading window opens in earlyish 2015. We are mostly looking for short fiction but occasionally publish novellas. If you’d like be alerted to submissions openings as well as contests and other news you can sign up for our free monthly newsletter.
      All the best,
      Jen, Mel & Sue

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