Pulp Literature Advent Calendar ~ 8 December

With twenty-four fabulous back issues, one to mark each day of Advent, we hope to share with you the joy and magic of the season. When you purchase an issue on its corresponding day on our Advent Calendar, not only will you be collecting great literature, but you will also receive a special gift.

Today is the eighth day of Advent, and the issue that holds the secret prize is Issue 8, Autumn 2015

In this eighth Issue:

Travel through time and space with our cover hero, Mel Anastasiou’s ‘Albert Ball on Galactic Shore Leave’ to meet characters you will never forget.CoverJuly13

  • Go back to the Second World War to discover monsters and men of mystery in JJ Lee’s ‘The Man in the Long Black Coat’.
  • Then jump to the future so fast you can almost erase your past, in Julian Mortimer Smith’s ‘World of Dew’.
  • Closer to the present, try your luck at making a deal with the devil in Fred Zackel’s ‘The Devil’s Condom’ and take sibling rivalry to a new level in Tais Teng’s ‘Growing up with Your Dead Sister’.  
  • Top that off with a miracle pill in ‘Full Spectrum’ by Susan Pieters before attending a steampunk ball in your borrowed best with Donald Duncan’s ‘Cropper’s Ball’, and find out the real way to become a zombie in ‘Whole’ by Joanna Lesher.
  • Enjoy our graphic short about true heroes in Mel Anastasiou’s ‘The Dragon Archer’ before raising a toast to British Columbia talent in poems from our Magpie Award winners Diane Tucker, Ace Baker, and Jude Neale.
  • Last but not least, join Allaigna as she dances a reel and hides her royal blood from her relatives in the next instalment of Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels.
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The Mega-Deal

And if fear of missing out has you worried, we have a super offer for you:  buy our complete six-year collection in print or digital form at any point during the 24 days before Christmas, and you’ll receive all the bonus gifts!

As we begin this holiday season and our look back at the great issues of the past, I feel the same suspense I did as a child, knowing that with each day comes the treasure of the season’s familiar comforts and of the unexpected surprises along the way.

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