Pulp Literature Advent Calendar ~ 1 December

With twenty-four fabulous back issues, one to mark each day of Advent, we hope to share with you the joy and magic of the season. When you purchase an issue on its corresponding day, not only will you be collecting great literature, but you will also receive a special gift.

Today is the first day of Advent, and the issue that holds the secret prize is Issue 1, Winter 2013

In our first issue of Pulp Literature Magazine:

  • Michael1OctWhere the Angels Wait, a haunting contemporary short story by  CC Humphreys
    “I was immediately enchanted by the flow of words, the beautiful pictures painted and the emotions evoked by the writing.  The story struck close to my heart.“ – Erin Ensor
  • Stella Ryman and the Third Option, a novella by Mel Anastasiou
    “Stella Ryman is my new hero! I love the way the very observant author has woven dementia and lucidity and humour together. “ – SL
  • Poetry by Beverly Boissery
  • Post-apocalyptic imaginings with classic Canadian tone in Only the Loons Know,  by SL Nickerson
  • A touch of swordplay and slapstick, buddy-cop style, in Of Siege and Sword, by Tyner Gillies
    “Straight-up funny!” – ND
  • The award winning short story, Glass Curtain, by Susan Pieters
    “Just re-read [Glass Curtain].   I enjoyed it even more the second time through.  The narrator’s voice is almost painfully honest, vulnerable, inviting the reader in.  And there is this strong tide of yearning. Like an undertow.  Very well done.” – S. Stopforth
  • The Mechanics, a cautionary tale by talented cartoonist Angela Melick.
  • Epic Fantasy and base sibling rivalry in Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels
    “Love [this] fantasy, so atmospheric” – CC Humphreys
  • Exquisite cover art by Melissa Mary Duncan!

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Pulp Literature Issue 1

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As we begin this holiday season and our look back at the great issues of the past, I feel the same suspense I did as a child, knowing that with each day comes the treasure of the season’s familiar comforts and of the unexpected surprises along the way.

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