Publication Platforms for Writers: Fifteen Minutes Outside the Hermit’s Cave

barefeetwithapplesmallWhether we publish through traditional means or independently, we’ll most likely want to think about creating a platform to support a writing career connects us to the larger prospects of authorship, such as the publication and marketing of our work.

Like anything else in our writing careers, each of the following could take us all day, all week, or even the rest of our lives, but setting a timer for 5 minutes and getting something done on each will add up quickly to progress and an understanding of the channels available to us.

  • social media & connecting with other writers, editors, and publishers
  • banking and bookkeeping
  • learning something new about writing, social media, design, etc

Every writer’s schedules, interests, and mileage will differ, as always, but touching base with writing communities, financial sustainability, and professional development can keep us active in the greater world outside. Sure, writers sometimes feel like metaphorical cave-dwelling hermits, but even real cave-dwelling hermits communicate with nature, eat, and try to be the best hermits they can be.

 I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel.

muse smallThis week from @yourwritingmuseYou’ve devised a great writing space. No wonder you get so much done. From your fan, your Writing Muse 

2 thoughts on “Publication Platforms for Writers: Fifteen Minutes Outside the Hermit’s Cave

  1. Thank you, as ever, for your inspiring and encouraging words, Mel.

    Wishing you a brilliant writing week–and year!
    🙂 Ev

    p.s. I live in a rural location and don’t always venture out to check my mail as often as I should. (I have _literal_ hermit tendencies.) I was delighted on my last sojourn out of the house to find the latest Pulp Literature in its lovely manilla envelope–along with the MOST EXCITING extra: The Writer’s Boon Companion. I love it. It is beautiful and motivating, and I know I will use and it and treasure it. A huge thanks to you–and everyone at Pulp Literature–for the unexpected and lovely New Year’s gift!

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