Issue 6, Spring 2015 (print)


Genre-defying fiction by Krista Wallace, Bob Thurber, Laura Kostur, Theric Jepson, FJ Bergmann, Tobi Cogswell and more!

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In the Spring 2015 issue:

  • Let our Raven Cover Story Contest winner Krista Wallace launch you into our first adventure of the spring, with ‘The Inner Light’, a chilling tale of the theatre, and the sacrifices made for art.  Then hold your breath while runner-up Anna Belkine takes you beyond the great blue in ‘The Ravens’.
  • For a collection of sweet, savoury, and surprising tastes along the way, lift the lid on a basket of flash fiction by the devastatingly succinct Bob Thurber.
  • Meet two women you don’t want to mess with:  the seemingly normal and unassuming Jane from Laura Kostur’s ‘Super’, and the entrancing subject of ‘The Naked Woman’ by Theric Jepson.
  • Poetry and poetic short fiction by Kate Austin and Tobi Cogswell show us which relationships to hold on to and which to let go on the journey through life.
  • ‘Channel W’ with Sue Pieters takes you to a future that’s not what it seems to be.
  • Warm your heart at ‘The Love Offices’ by Kirsty Favell; and step into another world with FJ Bergmann’s ‘Opening Doors’.
  • Two mini horror stories will drag you out of your comfort zone:  Ev Bishop’s ‘Not All Magic is Nice’, and ‘Bite’, another five-page comic by regular contributor Kris Sayer.
  • In the next verses of Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels, journey with our heroine from the comfort of home into her new life as an anonymous page at the fascinating and intimidating Bastion of Rheran.

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