Issue 3, Summer 2014 (print)


Genre-defying fiction by Joan MacLeod, Bob Thurber, Mel Anastasiou, Sylvia Stopforth, Laird Long, Fred Zackel, JM Landels, Deborah Walker and more!

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In our third issue of Pulp Literature Magazine:

Behind the evocative cover, “Youth Hostels of Faery” by Tais Teng, you’ll find …

  • Joan MacLeod’s ‘The Salt Tour’, an exceptionally beautiful story from the gstella chairolden age of European backpacking.
  • ‘The Poison Pen Affair’, where Mel Anastasiou’s intrepid amateur sleuth Stella Ryman defies the constraints of her care home.
  • Gritty storytelling that continues to amaze us in ‘Wager’ by Bob Thurber.
    Poetry by Diane Tucker, Darrell Lindsey and Jeffrey C Alfier.
  • Susan Pieters’ ‘Invisible’, Laird Long’s ‘The Big Con’, and Conor Power-Smith’s ‘Love for Sale’, all stories that involve different kinds of love, and different kinds of blindness
  • Our graphic novel adaptation of Sylvia Stopforth’s ‘Dragon Rock’, describing the biggest blind spot of all.
  • Quantum physics in a handbag and stalker mascots in a theme park with Deborah Walker’s ‘Aunty Merkel’ and Fred Zackel’s “Snow White is Mine!”
  • And our next installment of Allaigna’s Song, in which our heroine learns to illuminate the ordinary.

“My favourite of the four volumes; ‘Love for Sale’ and ‘Wager’ are two brilliant stories. The rest is good too :)”  – Guy Windsor, Finland


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Youth Hostels of Faery by Tais Teng




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