Issue 22, Spring 2019 (digital)


View mortality and morality through a different set of eyes with a classic SF story from Robert Silverberg and a brand-new one from Leo X Robertson; take a timeless bus ride with JTF King; visit 1930s Hollywood with Mel Anastasiou; experience dizzy heights in a comic collaboration from Matthew Nielson and Minna Hakkola; spin in a dangerous dance with Susan Pieters and Cheryl Wolner; hear the danger and magic in music with Kathryn Yelinek and JM Landels; and find gods, devils, and angels in poetry from Heather Christle, David Ly, and Mary Willis, all under the tantalizing cover Purple Siren by Herman Lau.


Heed the tantalizing call of cover artist Herman Lau‘s Purple Siren and dive into this issue, where

  • Science Fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg births a new religion from a social experiment gone wrong in ‘The Pope of the Chimps’.
  • A father’s grief leads to a son’s identity crisis in ‘Snapshots’, by Leo X Robertson; and Susan Pieters shows us it’s all about perspective in ‘Spin Doctor’.
  • you’ll find devilish, cold, and ill-tempered poetry from David Ly, Mary Willis, and Heather Christle.
  • Kathryn Yelinek’s protagonist must work outside her element to save the man she loves in ‘The Nyx’s Wife’, and a young paralegal meets all sorts of interesting commuters in ‘Late Night Fun Facts on the No. 65’ by JTF King.
  • The 2018 Raven Short Story Contest winner, Cheryl Wollner, crafts a story of friendship that is impervious to fire with ‘Girls Who Dance in the Flames’.
  • We’ve got a new novella from Mel Anastasiou, The Extra, that is all the aces; and Allaigna must bid bitter farewells in the next instalment of Allaigna’s Song:  Aria, by JM Landels.
  • And our graphic short turns your whole world upside down in ‘The Endless Drop’, by Matthew Nielsen and Minna Hakkola.




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