Issue 20, Autumn 2018 (print)


Taste a foreign planet with a novelette from Kristene Perron and small-town Canada with short fiction from Mitchell Toews and Dave Beynon.  Relearn your pronouns with Alex Reece Abbott and revisit kindergarten with Sara Mang.  Learn the high cost of living … and dreaming … with Summer Jewel Keown and Erin Evans. Plus a comics short by Mel Anastasiou, short fiction from Susan Pieters, a novel excerpt from JM Landels and the winners of the 2018 Magpie Award for Poetry.


Dare to venture behind the intriguing cover by award-winning British artist Ben Baldwin and you’ll find that …

  • Feature author, Kristene Perron, asks us to savour the simple things in life and question the validity of tradition in ‘Flavour of the Forsaken’.
  • Those of you who admire magpies for their intelligence and unique beauty will find these qualities in this year’s winners of the Magpie Award for Poetry, Kelli Allen, Christine Levickzy Riek, and Angela Caravan.
  • Great-Great-Grandpa stops by for a visit 90 years after his death in ‘Away Game’ by Mitchell Toews, and for some reason, we’re not at all surprised.
  • ‘Gross Motor’ by Sara Mang takes us back to kindergarten, while the hardworking folks in Mitchell’s Crossing contend with a nosy superhero and government officials in ‘Small Town Superhero’ by Dave Beynon.
  • Epiphany Ferrell exposes the dubious talents of a ne’er-do-well townsman in ‘Every Town Has One’, and Susan Pieters challenges us to walk in someone else’s shoes with ‘Waking Up Black’.
  • Love jewellery? We doubt you’ll want one of the bracelets in Summer Jewel Keown’s ‘Indebted’.
  • Alex Reece Abbott lands quick punches you won’t flinch from with ‘Alphabet Soup’, while coffee lovers and dreamers beware of ‘The Hub’, SiWC’s Honourable Mention by Erin Evans.
  • Mel Anastasiou’s graphic story ‘Meat’ involves a gargoyle who rises above his station, while the next instalment of Allaigna’s Song: Aria by JM Landels takes us deeper into unknown territory.


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