Issue 2, Spring 2014 (digital)


Genre-defying fiction and artwork by JJ Lee, Sarah Pinsker, Trevor Shikaze, Milo James Fowler, AY Dorsey,  and more!


In issue 2, things come in pairs

  • "This Double" by Mel Anastasiou
    “This Double” by Mel Anastasiou

    We have two offerings from JJ Lee, the acclaimed author of The Measure of a Man: the Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit“Built to Love” is a  satiric and chilling sci-fi tale, and it comes with a fabulous painted cover by JJ.
    JJ Lee’s “Built to Love” was so good! I really liked his book Measure of a Man – this is completely different but just as intriguing. The whole issue was a joy to read, and a lot of the stories you can read in spare moments. Good and pulpy.”  – Amanda

  • Two very different stories of the undead in the Old West and the New: “Mercer’s Ghost” by Milo James Fowler and “Not Dying in Central Texas” by Sarah Pinsker.
    “[‘Not Dying in Central Texas’ is] unbelievably refreshing, touching, and beautiful.” – Alex Ristea
  • Two stories that take you literally to the edge: “Falling” a cautionary paranormal adventure into  temptation by Angela Dorsey, and the beautiful, heartrending “Poor Thing” by KM Vaghela.
  • Two takes on inspiration: “Techne” by EL Firestine, and “The Capture of the Muse” by Susan Pieters.
    “[Capture of the Muse is]  powerful, poignant, beautifully crafted and the multi-layered  . . . Lovely work,”  – Jacqui Hartwood
  • And finally you’ll meet the improbable heroic duo of a witch and her goat in an excerpt of Tatterhood, the brand new graphic novel from the ludicrously talented Kris Sayer.




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