Issue 18, Spring 2018 (digital)


Travel from the daily commute to out of this world with Genni Gunn, Sophie Panzer, and Jessica Barksdale; take the trip from dead to living and back again in ‘We Come Back Different’ by AJ Odasso and ‘Bone Dry’ by Roy Gray and Ben Baldwin; see differently with poetry by Susan Alexander and Angela Rebrec; enjoy the return of Stella Ryman and Allaigna as well as your quarterly shot of short sharp fiction from Susan Pieters. All this plus the winners of the Raven Short Story Contest and the SiWC Storytellers’ Award.


Under the beautiful, breezy ‘Windseeker’ by artist Akem we have fresh fiction to begin the new season …

  • In ‘Stones’ by featured author Genni Gunn,  a tourist confronts demons, both personal and cultural, lurking in an ancient Cambodian temple.
  • What are the chances that out of four million people, Max wins a trip to the moon?  But that’s only one of a lottery’s unexpected outcomes in ‘The Brightness of Things’ by Jessica Barksdale.
  • With the conclusion of AJ Odasso’s ‘We Come Back Different’, you’ll enjoy a page-turning mix of strange science and mysterious disappearances in an alternate Steampunk past; and poets Susan Alexander and Angela Rebrec open our eyes to beauty with verse.
  • Catch up with your favourite heroines as Stella Ryman sleuths out the thief who stole Thelma Hu’s fortune in Mel Anastasiou’s ‘Stella Ryman and the Mystery of the Mah-Jongg Box’; and in the latest episode of Allaigna’s Song:  Aria by JM Landels, our heroine finds herself safely out of the frying pan and well into the fire, with magic her only way to escape.
  • ‘Bug in my Ear’ by Susan Pieters might make you hear something new, and in Sophie Panzer’s ‘The Commute’, demons on the Metro mean that being late for work is the least of your problems.
  • We’re not sure whether ‘Bone Dry’ by Roy Gray and Ben Baldwin counts as bathroom humour or bathroom horror — either way, this quirky short comic will give you a shiver.
  • This issue is full of contest winners, with the winner of the Surrey International Writing Contest Storyteller’s Award, ‘MVP’ by Michelle Barker, as well as the winner and runner-up of our fourth annual Raven Short Story Contest:  ‘The Tape’ by Elaine McDivitt, and ‘Meggie’ by Kerry Craven.


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