Issue 16, Autumn 2017 (print)


Take a ride down the river with kc dyer on Akem’s Seabus.  Stop along the way for haunting fiction from Patrick Bollivar, Brandon Crilly, and Erin Kirsh, with a ghost at the end of the bed for Mel Anastasiou’s Stella Ryman, and a lighter side of hell from  FJ Bergmann.  Magpie poetry award winners Oak Morse, Leah Komar, and Glenn Pape take us to three different kinds of hell; Susan Pieters and Rina Piccolo carry us to the stars in the past and future; and Greg Brown brings us back to where the heart is, while the young hero of Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels get ever farther from home.


With Issue 16, we present you with a new collection of stories selected to delight and entertain you through the misty season.  Climb on board cover artist Akem‘s Seabus, and dive deep as …

  • We invite you into feature author kc dyer’s haunted world, with ‘The River’ 
  • ‘The Wind of a Train’ by Erin Kirsh whistles past in a near future we hope not to see.
  • We discover the ghoulish side of gentrification in Brandon Crilly‘s ‘Clearing Out Nests’
  • Greg Brown’s ‘Love’ offers a chance at a last-minute reunion and a glimpse outside the doorway that awaits us all.
  • FJ Bergmann’s ‘For Your Convenience’ delivers to Hades, where technology and mythology combine to make a truly punishing afterlife.
  • Philosophy, family, and the survival of the species unite to take us across the galaxies in ‘Think Tank’ by Susan Pieters.
  • Patrick Bollivar gives us a ghost story that sends a young woman into a deadly descent with ‘The Olde Town Haunt.
  • New chapters of Allaigna’s Song:  Aria by JM Landels take our heroines deeper into peril with an adventure that will please the most daring hearts and minds.
  • Judge Renée Saklikar’s picks for the Magpie Award for Poetry, from Oak Morse, Leah Komar, and Glenn Pape, show us glimpses of three different types of hell.
  • In Mel Anastasiou’s Stella Ryman and the Ghost at the End of the Bed, midnight visitors of uncertain provenance and a mysterious theft at Fairmount Manor propel Mrs Stella Ryman into a new and demanding amateur investigation.
  • Rina Piccolo’s cartoon ‘The Vanishing Dot’ enchants us with the perspective of memory and the point where everything disappears.

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