Issue 13, Winter 2017 (print)


Two masterful tales of time travel and down-home mystery by Matthew and Matt Hughes; a road trip from hell by FJ Bergmann; spies, swords, and steeds in the English Civil War from Mel Anastasiou; mermaid smuggling with Eric Del Carlo;  choosing the fate of a fairy tale heroine by Carolyn Oliver;  rebuilding relationships in a short graphic novel from Anat Rabkin; poetry from Jude Neale, Daniel Aristi, Elizabeth Armerding, and Susie Taylor; the winners of the Hummingbird Prize for Flash Fiction; and the return of swordswoman and spellsinger Allaigna in a new novel by JM Landels.


Peek beneath the fascinating and ominous cover by Zoran Pekovic to discover a wealth of stories inside Issue 13:

The Shadow by Zoran Pekovic
  • Matthew Hughes brings masterful storytelling to two great tales as a twentieth-century statesman weighs the value of fate in ‘The Devil You Don’t’ and a hapless investigator sees more than he imagines — and less than he should — in ‘Fishface and the Leg’.
  • A hitchhiker and a band of aliens cut loose on a road trip from hell in FJ Bergmann’s ‘How to Lose a Week’, while an organ courier faces down a heart with designs of its own in Rebecca Wurtz’s prizewinning tale, ‘Xuefei and His Heart’.
  • ‘Piano Music’ by Susan Pieters uncovers a busy family’s true heart; another family balances disappointment with beauty on a shoestring in Jenna Park’s coming-of-age tale ‘Painted Nails’; and it’s hard for kids to keep merry when there’s a Santa-shaped monster behind the walls in Anna Belkine’s ‘Better Watch Out’.
  • Discover death, darkness, light, and love in poetry by Susie Taylor, Daniel Aristi, Jude Neale, and Elizabeth Armerding.
  • Anat Rabkin’s beautifully drawn ‘It Rained Then Too’ tells the story of a relationship broken by agony and transformed by revelation.
  • A young woman faces dark magic and a cursed choice in Carolyn Oliver’s ‘The Green Thread and the Blue’, while a mermaid smuggler struggles with his career choices in Eric Del Carlo’s ‘Mermail’.
  • In The Case of the Cavalier’s Rapier, Book 3 of Mel Anastasiou’s Seven Swans Mysteries in Time, Spencer Stevens gets a second chance at happiness during the English Civil War
  • And finally, swordswoman Allaigna returns to our pages with gripping adventures rich in enchantment, political intrigue, and the secrets of a royal family in part one of the new serialized novel by JM Landels, Allaigna’s Song:  Aria.

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