Issue 11, Summer 2016 (digital)


Heroes are gone but not forgotten with Matthew Hooton and Robert Jeschonek; love and blood ties are fragile in stories by Jono Naito and Susan Pieters; the nursery is revisited with Amy Fant, PE Levy, and Megan Waring; plots thicken with Mel Anastasiou and Michael Ryan; history comes alive with Jonathon Dalton; and a hero is born with the conclusion of Allaigna’s Song:  Overture by JM Landels.


Under Kris Sayer‘s Songbird award-winning painting you’ll find a smörgasbord of summer reading.

Enlightenment small
Enlightenment by Kris Sayer
  • Taste the transience of heroism in Matthew Hooton’s feature story, ‘How to Write an Obituary for a Superhero’.
  • Memory is bittersweet and frangible in the sharply chiselled ‘Chipping’ by Jono Naito, the haunting ‘As If My Every Word Has Turned to Glass’ by Robert Jeschonek, and the ominous ‘The Third Man’ by Michael Ryan.
  • ‘Finding Relatives’ by Susan Pieters is laced with the subtle western nuance of small-town California, half-way around the world from ‘Yellow Scarves’ by Jonathon Dalton, a tale based in Chinese history with relevance for today.
  • Discover if the rich reward of loyalty is love or death in Mel Anastasiou’s ‘Seven Swans:  The Sword and Pikestaff Mystery’.
  • Sweet dreams come in Amy Fant’s ‘Babies for Sale’ and in poems from PA Levy and Megan Waring, but nightmares come to life in ‘The Third Man’ by Michael Ryan.
  • We satisfy our readers at last with the final chapters of Allaigna’s Song:  Overture by JM Landels … but don’t blame us if you wind up wanting more!


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