Motivation and Time Management

mouse aloneSelf-motivation is one of the great time management tools available to writers, and one of the most pleasant to employ. If you’re geared up, it’s far easier to sit your butt in that chair and type.

One powerful way to self-motivate is to take a few moments to contemplate our greater goals. Picture the ideal life we want. Spend a little time with the writer each of us intends to be. How will we spend our days?

The bigger the goal, the more challenging and meaningful it is. Writers can envision reaching it, without worrying about how we’ll take every step along the way. Maybe we’ll have to slog every step, but writers love writing, so that’s completely okay. Or maybe, from time to time, fortune will shine on us, through an opportunity for swift advancement that a writer’s hard work has readied each of us to accept.

With a great attitude and steady incremental preparation, we are a long way towards creating the author’s life we want and deserve.

Have another brilliant writing day.



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