Making it So

spaceshipsworldofdewOnce writers look at the small steps to the full-time career we desire, we see that many of them can be addressed in ten minute increments even through busy work weeks.  Especially those steps that don’t need long chunks of drafting time, such as writing queries or outlining story arcs and writer’s presentations.

What outlines will we be working from three years from now? What’s the geography of our created world, the politics, the magic?  What’s our word count?  If 3,000 words a week (a couple of hours of drafting for many writers) will get us a couple of 70,000 word books a year, what kind of word count and time count are we looking at for our fantasy series goals?  Will we hire freelance editors to raise the quality of our drafts, or is our work already of such a high calibre that we can trade manuscripts with colleagues?

When we’re heading straight for our dream, we don’t need the permission of any sort of threshold guardian to set our course.  We live our writers’ lives secure in our choices.  We are even perhaps already much closer to that dream shore than we ever thought.

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