Loving the Work

Elisabeth Kubler Ross said “There are only two emotions, love or fear.”  This binary view is useful in addressing time management for writers.  We already know that attitude is everything in managing our careers, and that if we are excited about writing, we’ll be more likely to write.

"This Double" by Mel Anastasiou
“This Double” by Mel Anastasiou

Wanting to do the work helps us get it done.

 This statement is true so long as our attitude to our own work is as generous and friendly as our attitude to our colleagues’ work.  Keep going.  It’s better than you think.  What an easy fix.  I love your characters.  You’re talented.   Every writer makes that mistake once.  Sure you can do it.  It’s only when we are cruelly hard on ourselves that we find ourselves unwilling to write even though we find the time.  That’s when we avoid the blank page because we believe the words we write on it will tell us something we fear might be true – that we’re no damn good.  That’s a terrifying proposition.  Turns me cold from head to toe.  But, when we love the process, we don’t fear the product; when we love the words,  we don’t fear the reader’s reaction to them; when we love the story, we don’t fear a critic.

Love or fear.  Make your choice, adventurous stranger.  When we choose to love our work, then fear is banished.

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