Launch Party!

We have a date and venue for our launch party!

PULP Literature Launch
Friday 20 December 2013
7pm – midnight
Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay
412 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC

This is in conjunction with Academie Duello’s annual Yule Party.  That means that, as well as book signings from many of our creators, including Chris Humphreys and JJ Lee, there will be an appetizer contest, dancing, and best of all swordfighting!

(As Chris will attest from the rousing success of the Shakespeare’s Rebel launch last summer, all the best book launches include swordfighting!)

Shakespeare's Rebel book launch: Author vs Giant Spaniard
Shakespeare’s Rebel book launch: Author vs Giant Spaniard

Tickets will be $15, but as a special bonus for our supporters we’ve added early bird prices to the Kickstarter rewards.  You can buy a single ticket for $12, or combine it with previous other rewards such as The Pint, The Flight, The Pub Crawl or The Keg for only $9 extra.

  • The Festive Punch: $12
  • The Festive Pint: $17
  • The Festive Flight: $24
  • The Festive Pub Crawl: $34
  • The Festive Keg: $59

The Punch saves you $3, and the other combos save you $6.  These prices are available only through the Kickstarter campaign, so if you were planning to come to the Academie Duello Yule Party anyway, get your tickets before November 5th!

For those of you who have already contributed to the campaign, you can change your pledge and upgrade to include a ticket by going to your Kickstarter account click on ‘Manage my Pledge’.

Those who have pledged $100 or more will be offered a complementary ticket as our special ‘thank you’.

We hope all of our supporters can make it — we’d love to thank you in person for backing Pulp Literature!

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