The Brewer

Not just a purveyor of fine words, you are a creator.  You maintain heady vats full of stories, and are always searching for new ingredients and tools to make your trade better.  You make the world a finer place.  You are …

The Brewer

When you become a member of the Pulp Literati at the $25 level, you get, along with our eternal gratitude, all these benefits

  • The Writer’s Friend and Confidante: Thirty Days of Narrative Achievement
    Coming soon. This new 30-day guide from Pulp Literature Press was inspired by the editors’ admiration for the strength, endurance, and talent of NaNoWriMo writers, as they rock Novembers from year to year.
  • Colouring Paradise: A Renaissance-Inspired Colouring Book
    Clear your mind and reinvigorate your muse with colouring. Colouring Paradise: a Renaissance-Inspired Colouring Book is available in print and pdf formats, providing 14 beautiful images on high quality paper by Mel Anastasiou for your colouring delight.


  • The Writer’s Boon Companion: Thirty Days Towards an Extraordinary Manuscript.
    The Writer’s Boon Companion motivates, organizes, and invigorates you for 30 days. This writing journal offers space for goals, reflection, and outlines. Illustrated, insightful, delightful, and compelling, The Writer’s Boon Companion is a clever sidekick for the adventurous author.


  • Keys to the library.
    In appreciation of your generous support we open our entire digital back issue library in addition to the rewards of The Cicerone, below. Plus, when you’ve been an Innkeeper for a year or more, we’ll send some mystery swag your way!
    • A beautiful set of four Pulp Literature postcards to help you keep in touch with your equally discerning friends.
    • Entry to the secret Pulp Literati facebook group, a convivial place for Pulp Literature authors, artists, editors, and patrons to connect.
    • A free digital copy of Pulp Literature Issue 1, Winter 2014.
    • A handwritten thank you note on one of our lovely postcards. And another one on your first anniversary!
    • Your choice of a print or digital subscription (or both!) to Pulp Literature.
      These beautiful softcover digest books are perfect for your weekday commute or summer beach reading — a rainbow of fabulous fiction!


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