JJ Lee: Fireside Al for the 21st century

JJ with hatMany of us who  grew up in Canada in the 20th century remember Christmas Eve readings on CBC by Alan Maitland, aka ‘Fireside Al‘.  Sadly Mr Maitland passed away in 1999, but a fabulous storyteller with deep connections to Pulp Literature has stepped into his size 10 Cougars.

JJ Lee, author of The Measure of a Man: the Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit, two-time feature author  and cover artist for Pulp Lit, has begun a tradition of reading one of his stories on Christmas eve on CBC.  In 2013 he read ‘The Last Train’, and last year ‘The Video Emporium’.  This year tune in to CBC Radio’s On the Coast on December 24th at 5:45 to hear ‘The Visitor’.man in the coat

We want to celebrate this new tradition with an old one: a gift.  On December 24th we will be making Pulp Literature Issue 8, containing JJ’s epic Christmas tale ‘The Man in the Long Black Coat’ available for free.  This amazing story contains Elder Gods, Nazis, Father Christmas, and a familiar-seeming Eternal Hero.

You’ll find the link to your free download here on December 24th.

Happy Reading and Happy Christmas!
Jen, Mel & Sue


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