Issue 25 Cover Artist: Ann-Marie Brown

Ann Marie BrownAnn-Marie Brown is a Canadian painter working in encaustic and oil. Right now she’s painting out of a studio on the west coast, in the company of bears and rain.

The cover piece — On Thin Ice — for Issue 25 is part of a body of work completed during a six-month residency at the Artsu studios in Helsinki. The early years of Finnish independence were defined by a flight to the edges of ideology, a pattern the artist sees repeating itself in North America. In researching the conflict that ensued, she was interested in what was built from the ashes and curious about what can be learned from the hard-won lessons of that place.

The beautiful red pointe shoe of On Thin Ice offers the issue’s poignant opening act. The dancer en pointe appears weightless, suspended in a moment of grace, inviting us into the stories, themselves balancing the weight of beauty and sorrow. 

Order your copy of Issue 25, Winter 2020 here.

And to discover more of Ann-Marie Brown’s work, be sure to visit her website.


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