Good Drivers Wanted

I once drove a friend home from a dinner party, and though I wasn’t sure where she lived, I drove confidently for five minutes before my friend asked me where I was headed, since she lived in the opposite direction.  I turned around and asked her why she hadn’t said anything earlier. She said, “You just seemed so certain of where you were going.”

Good writing is like good driving. Good writers power forward with such confidence, that we as reading passengers are sure they’re going somewhere important. We stick along for the ride and put up with a lot of uncertainty about the destination because we trust the writer. We are lulled by their clean manner and professional style. We are engaged because they take us off the humdrum freeway and onto the scenic route.  We give our allegiance to the intensely focused voice, the strong sense of purpose, the magnetic direction of burning truth.  Good writers gain our trust so we don’t want the journey to end.  Good writers can take us anywhere.

Pulp Literature is now re-opened for submissions. Good Drivers Wanted.

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