Gearing up for Writing: Writing Tips from Pulp Literature Press

First, picture a great spot to write in.

Better still, imagine several great spots, because a writing career shouldn’t depend upon a particular spot, or even a particular time of day. Imagine yourself happy at work, dealing cheerfully with interruptions, (or devising a way to avoid them), and returning to work.

Second, you might decide your next step.

Just one next step, because writing is complicated enough without multi-tasking. What is that next step?

If it’s too big for the time you have, you might chunk it down and identify the first bit of work. Imagine what it feels like to finish today’s writing work. What would it look like if the writing went smoothly?

Third, consider the drafting math.

The math is encouraging. If a writer has a cogent outline to write from – you might carry an outline notebook or blank outline graphic organizers through the week, for 5 to 10 minute free preparation time now and then – then 3,000 words drafted a week equals 2 short novels, about 70,000 words, or one longer novel, a year.

Have a great writing day. And I hope you’ll have another brilliant week in your writing career.

Cheers Mel

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Mel Anastasiou writes The Fairmount Manor Mysteries series, starring Mrs Stella Ryman, The Hertfordshire Pub Mysteries series, starring Spencer Stevens, and the Monument Studios Mysteries starring Frankie Ray as The Extra. Mel is Senior Acquisitions Editor with Pulp Literature Press.

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