From the Pulp Lit Pulpit: The Big Two Five

Issue 25. Twenty-five seems to be a big and important number. Young adults start dropping the ‘young’ at twenty-five. The silver anniversary is a significant milestone in a marriage, and a quarter is the smallest coin anyone honestly ever wants to deal with.

For a quarterly magazine, twenty-five is an achievement to be sure, and a milestone. But it’s a quiet one. At just over six years old, the magazine has found a rhythm. Processes are in place, roles are defined, identity is established. As managing editor, I find I am able to take a gentler hold on the reins and trust the skills of our newer editors to build upon the framework Mel, Sue, and I have established.

Over the past two years, Jessica has taken on a large share of the editorial load, and last year we were delighted to have brought two new assistant editors, Genevieve Wynand and Sam Olson, into the fold. You’ll be hearing more from them in the coming months while I take some time to work on my own projects.

But fear not, dear reader. The transition will be seamless from your side of the page, with the same great quality of top-notch stories, poetry, and artwork you’ve come to expect from Pulp Literature.

Cheers to the next twenty-five!

Jennifer Landels

To celebrate this milestone, we have made Pulp Literature Issue 25 available to you, dear readers, at the author price of 25% off for the month of February.  Take a peek at the contents and order your copy here.

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