Contest Deadline Approaching!

For writers who work to deadlines, rev up your coffee mugs!  Our Raven short story contest closes on midnight Thursday, Oct 15th.   We’re seeking fiction of 500 – 5000 words in length, and we want stories that capture our attention!  We’ve aptly named this the Raven contest as we are hunting for shiny treasures that we can take home to our nest.  There are no specific themes so any topic or genre is welcome.  Our best hint for which story to submit is this:  We are looking for a solid story well told, for fiction that both grabs us with tension and executes the narrative with a unique voice.

Our final judge is Brenda Carre, who has just released Finnrazial, a novel in a boxed set alongside Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  We hope to give Brenda a difficult  time making a choice from the shortlist!

Please note that if you choose the feedback option in your contest submission, you will receive your detailed critique from one of the Pulp Literature editors after the contest winner has been selected.  Enter your story HERE!

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