Character Growth and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

We’ve been reading a lot of story submissions and contest entries at Pulp Literature this past week. You writers are doing so many things well.

detaildragon'seggsAgain and again I see examples of strength in developing characters, and one of the ways you’re doing it is setting up the character for growth by establishing flaws and problems at the start. And, as a counterpoint to this, showing us hints of the hero’s inner strength and goodness at the same time.

 I am reminded of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Seldom has genre literature seen heroes as beautifully flawed as Larsson’s Blomkvist and Salander, but he also gives them monolithic, positive heroic qualities, so that they are protectors and crusaders we can cheer for… while we’re ripping our hair out at their failings.

Such good writing flows into Pulp Literature’s inbox. Our issues brim with great reads. Thanks for that.



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