Aurora Awards

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association awards annual prizes for works of Canadian writers. In order to assist members of this organization to choose well, our qualifying authors have agreed to post their stories here for free.  Enjoy this sampling of our issues while it lasts, and if you are a member of CSFFA, remember to vote! And if you love these stories as much as we do, why not buy the whole issue? Voting with your pocketbook is the best way to support these authors.

Issue 9, Winter 2016

“Stalk” by George McWhirter

“Hot House Flower” by Stephanie Charette

“The Seven Swans: A Mystery in Time” by Mel Anastasiou

Issue 10, Spring 2016

“The Lament for iCarus” by PE Bolivar

“The Monster Hunter” by Gregg Chamberlain

“Five Finger Blade” by Susan Pieters

Issue 11, Summer 2016

“How to Write a Successful Obituary for a Superhero,” by Matthew Hooton

“The Seven Swans: The Sword and Pikestaff Mystery” by Mel Anastasiou

Issue 12, Autumn 2016

“The Night Stylist” by Peter Norman

“Masquerade” by JM Landels

“The Gamogue” by Rhea Rose

“The Last of a Thing” by Douglas Smith