Announcing the Winner of the 2015 Raven Short Story Contest

As chosen by Brenda Carre, our final judge for the Raven Short Story Contest, here are the winners.

  • First place: ‘Black Blizzard’, Emily Linstromsmallpenandink
  • Runner-up: ‘Lament for iCarus’, by Patrick Bollivar
  • Honourable mention: ‘Flight of the Gods’ by Brent Kellmer

A master of many genres, judge Brenda Carre writes fantasy, science fiction, and historical short stories and novels, as well as spicy historical romance under the pen-name Tess Cornwall.  Her short fiction has appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, and The Blacklist anthology to name a few.  Her recent novelette, Finnraziel, can be found in The Edge of Never paranormal romance collection.  Here’s what she had to say about the entries:

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to judge these wonderful stories. So glad I got to judge entirely blind.  It was hard enough (though truly enjoyable) to read so many good stories and make a decision, and I can understand why you chose these ten. There were actually three stories out of the ten that really hit a strong chord with me, but there was one that after a week still resonated so much that I couldn’t forget it.  I was torn between ‘Lament for Icarus’ and ‘Black Blizzard’, but in the final analysis I have chosen ‘Black Blizzard’ as the winner over all.  This story held me and didn’t let me go right from the first sentence.  I really look forward to seeing it in Pulp Literature’s pages.  ‘Lament for iCarus’ comes in at a VERY close second and ‘Flight of the Gods’ was third.

raven with branchWe are delighted to award the $500 prize for the contest to Emily Linstrom for her evocative story about childhood mythology, ‘Black Blizzard’, which will appear in Pulp Literature Issue 10, Spring 2016.  Here are the opening lines from the story to give you a taste of the mesmerizing voice of its young narrator.

Here there is only the myth of moisture. We see it sometimes when it rains but the rain is stingy, and holds out for months and months before bursting open like a bladder that can’t wait a second longer to piss.  We gather it in buckets, in cupped palms, our mouths.  We worship it like them aborigines and pygmies I seen in my explorer magazines, the ones where you can mail order pith helmets and machetes from the back pages, so you can go join them out there in the bush and dance in the rain and not feel uncomfortable or out of place …

Editor’s Choice Award

As usual, the three senior editors gave a nod to our favourite stories.  This year we were unanimous in independently selecting Patrick Bollivar‘s ‘Lament for iCarus’, a bitter-sweet post-apocalyptic love story.  Because this piece was such a close second for Brenda as well, we have decided to create a second place cash prize of $200 plus publication, and award it to ‘Lament for iCarus’.

Congratulation to all the shortlisted authors and finalists!

Be sure to read the winning stories in Pulp Literature #10, Spring 2016.  Subscribe on Kickstarter!






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