Mel Anastasiou

mel-with-flowersMel Anastasiou

Editor, Author, Speaker

Mel is a senior acquisitions editor with Pulp Literature, and writes mysteries starring sleuths who are often fish out of water and gifted amateur ’tecs. Mel loves her writing life on Bowen Island, BC, and St Albans, UK, and she can be found every day writing and drawing, walking for miles to look at inspired Victorian architecture, and eating scones with clotted cream and jam, thus the walking.

For news on the box sets of Hertfordshire Pub Mysteries, the Fairmount Manor Mysteries, and the first of the Monument Studios Mysteries, you’re invited to follow

In non-fiction, Mel has published two illustrated writing guides and workbooks with Pulp Literature Press, The Writer’s Boon Companion, Thirty Days Towards an Extraordinary Volume and The Writer’s Friend and Confidante.

 Mel Anastasiou speaks and gives workshops on

  • What’s Your Book About? Getting Past Editorial: Story Structure for Planning and Revisions
  • Fitting Your Full-Time Writing Career Into Your Full-Time Life: Strategies for Time Management for Writers.
  • Less Stress, Please, I’m Trying to Cut Down: Help for Preoccupied Authors.
  • The Hours Stories: Writing Circles, The Best of Company

She can be reached via email at