Who are we?

Jen, Sue & Mel

Pulp Literature Press was the brainchild of Jen, Mel and Sue, a trio of writer-editors who took the advice “write what you want to read” one step further, to “publish what you want to read”.  While Sue has since stepped away from full time editorial to pursue her own writing, the goals and tenets of the magazine remain the same.

What do we want to read?

We love genre.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, History, Thriller or Chiller: we read it all, as long as it’s well written.

We love literary fiction. Beautiful prose, soul-searching themes, and powerful and complex character development are all part of the stories we like.

We believe that genre fiction IS literary.  Our goal is to publish writing that breaks out of  the bookshelf boundaries, defies genre, surprises, and delights.

Our mandate

Rather than limit ourselves to a single genre or fiction format, we pick from two specific segments: exceptional emerging talent, and established writers and artists who wish to break out of their genre confines.

Pulp Literature magazine contains short stories, novellas, novel and graphic novel excerpts, illustrations and graphic shorts.  Think of it as a wine-tasting … or a pub crawl … where you’ll experience new flavours and rediscover old favourites.

Our format

In these days of massive hardcover tomes and heavyweight trade paperbacks, do you miss the small, inexpensive paperbacks you could stuff in your purse or coat pocket?  We do, which is why our print format is a digest-sized magazine, lovingly modelled after fabulous magazines which have stood the test of time: Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog, Asimov’s and Ellery Queen.

Our motto is ‘good books for the price of a beer’.  We don’t want to stretch your pocketbook, just your mind.







2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Good afternoon beautiful ladies! My name is Aileen and I would like to submit a novella that fits perfectly with what I read in your “about us” section. My husband, John, has begun writing Novellas and Screenplays as a hobby. I encouraged him to self-publish his first one, “Quarantined Planet” and although very expensive to do so, gave him great satisfaction. Since then, he has completed two additional Novellas and 4 or 5 Screenplays. They would be too long for the Short Story Fiction Contest, but I’d love for you to enjoy them.
    I, myself would like to submit a poem I wrote (I’m not really a “poet”, but enjoy the occasional therapeutic process…). Shall I just submit the poem through the contest page? My goal is not necessarily to “win” anything, I’ve just never had any feedback on my personal writings and such.
    Any thoughts or feedback would be most welcome. Thanks! : )

    1. Hi Aileen,
      Thanks for your interest in Pulp Literature. We are currently closed for submissions for short stories and novellas. The best way to get a heads up on our submission period is to subscribe to the free newsletter: http://pulpliterature.com/newsletter/

      We are accepting poetry through the Magpie contest until April 15th: http://pulpliterature.com/contests/

      If you are looking for editorial feedback we do offer critique packages as well: http://pulpliterature.com/critique-packages/

      All the best with your writing

      Jen, Mel & Sue

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