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2019 Bumblebee Shortlist

We cringe at shorting lists, especially when it means getting rid of a wonderful group of bumblebees. However, there’s a prize at stake, so with warm regards to all the authors, we release the 2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest shortlist. You will find the top ten stories below, listed by author’s first name.

2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist

Andrew Owen Dugas ‘Throwdown’
Jess Simms  ‘The Werewolf at the Farmer’s Market’
Josephine Greenland  ‘Wife Giver’
Kate Felix  ‘Class Party’
KT Wagner  ‘Meals Not Eaten’
Nancy Ludmerer  ‘Summation’
Nancy Ludmerer  ‘Complicity’
Ron Lavalette  ‘Crickets’
Soramimi Hanarejima  ‘The Sublime is Difficult to Replifake’
Zoë Johnson  ‘Inherited Love of Unexplainable Things’

Stay tuned for the big reveal of the 2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest Winner on Friday, chosen by our long standing flash fiction contest judge, Bob Thurber!

And poets, don’t forget the Magpie Award for Poetry closes this Friday, March 15th.  Send us your bright and shiny words soon!

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