2019 Bumblebee Longlist

The 2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Prize Longlist lives up to its name! The hive was packed full of busy bees this year, and the results of their hard work are golden, rich, and oh so tempting… Stay tuned for the release of the Bumblebee Shortlist mid March.

*Names appear in alphabetical order by first name. If you see a name more than once, that means an author has multiple pieces under consideration!

Andrew Owen Dugas
Erin Evans
Jenn Marx
Jess Simms
John Corry
Josephine Greenland
Kate Felix
Kate Felix
Kate Felix
KT Wagner
Laura Manuel
Lee Ching Kai
Mitchell Toews
Nancy Ludmerer
Nancy Ludmerer
Philip Scholz
Richard Arbib
Robin Lee Lovelace
Ron Lavalette
Ron Lavalette
Sarah Josephine Pendergraft
Scott C Bridges
Soramimi Hanarejima
Willow Croft
Zoë Johnson

Congratulations to all these talented authors for tempting us with their honeyed words.  Best of luck in the next round!


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